Solar Film




Oracal – Vinyl

Oracal is known worldwide for high quality adhesive sign vinyl
for plotting and printing. Their wide range of vinyl casts, intense
colors, metallic finishes, and specialty films provide endless job opportunities. Oracal 970RA is a premium wrapping cast vinylwrap for long-term car wrapping, superior conformability, nolamination required, 97 colors in matte, glossy & metallic finishes, & up to 6 years durability.

The Process

A paint wrap differs from a graphic wrap in that it represents apaint job to the closest extent possible. Most wraps don’t involve disassembly but when doing a paint wrap not only is there a 5 step cleaning process but there is a full disassembly of the vehicle.

This ensures that you will have every edge and corner wrapped to perfection. Jambs are normally not included as ourlines are so fine it is hardly noticeable.

Our team performs exceptionally, over the normal industry average. Our customers approach us and we deliver results that they are more than happy with when they leave.