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3M – Ceramic Window Film

Amazing clarity. Advanced ceramics allow these films to maintain their color and appearance over time. Using nanotechnology, 3M has created ceramics so fine they are not only invisible to thenaked eye, they are imperceptible with an ordinary microscope.These ceramics have resulted in the creation of a film that is tough, won’t corrode and is so clear your view will remainbeautiful.

Since Ceramic window films do not change the outlook of thewindow, it is suitable for use in condominiums and executive condominiums (ECs).

CM 50 %
Visible light transmitted 53%
UV rejected 99%
Infrared Rejection 58%
Total solar energy rejected 47%
Solar heat gain coefficient 0.53
Glar Reduction 40%
Visible light reflected external 8%
CM 75 %
Visible light transmitted 74%
UV rejected 99%
Infrared Rejection 43%
Total solar energy rejected 38%
Solar heat gain coefficient 0.62
Glare Reduction 17%
Visible light reflected external 8%

Features and Benefits

– Great heat rejection provides energy savings and improved comfort.

– High visible light transmission provides excellent aesthetics.

– Low interior and exterior reflectivity enhances views whilemaintaining the exterior appearance.

– Non-metallized film ensures zero interference with wirelesscommunications and are not susceptible to corrosion.


-Helps extend the life of furnishings by significantly reducing harmful UV rays, hence reducing fading of your furnishings.

-Excellent scratch resistant coating.-Comprehensive warranty from 3M up to 10 years

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